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WL-105-800-12 - Whisk® Yellow WhiskLotion Soap 800ml Bag-In-Box
WL-105-800-12 - Whisk® Yellow WhiskLotion Soap 800ml Bag-In-Box
Our Price: $3.68 Closeout Price!!!!!!

WhiskLotion 105 - Yellow Lotion Soap Our Most Popular Lotion Soap!
A heavy-duty, yet gentle, yellow lotion soap. It is formulated for both office and industrial environments where powerful cleaning and moisturizing capabilities are desired.

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Whisk WC-375-08-12
WC-375-08-12 - Whisk® Instant Hand Sanitizer
Our Price: $4.25

WhiskCare 375 - Instant Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol 8oz Pump Bottle

A clear gel sanitizer that kills 99.9% of the most common germs that cause everyday illnesses and are responsible for lost time and lost production. This mild, yet effective, alcohol gel contains ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out so that it can be used after each hand washing and in between washings. Designed to be used in the washroom or the work area.
Complies with OSHA, CDC and APIC guidelines.

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Jackson Safety 91371
91371 - Jackson Safety Wypall Waterless Cleaning Wipes
Our Price: $13.95

WYPALL Waterless Cleaning Wipes in the 75 count bucket are the ideal presaturated cleaner for on-the-go cleaning of hands, tools, parts and non-porous work surfaces. The alcohol-free natural citrus solvents cut through grease, grime and oil, while soothing ingredients moisturize the skin.

Sold by the each


- Contains soothing ingredients to moisturize skin
- 75 count bucket
- Cuts through grease, grime, and oil
- Multi-surface

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Force Field Technologies NSS1000
NSS1000 - Force Field Technologies Neutralite Safety Solution
Our Price: $25.69

Wet cement mixtures including concrete, mortar, grout, stucco, plaster, lime and cement dust contain strong alkalis and allergens. When these mixtures contact the skin it can result in cement burns, irritation, allergies and/or chronic dermatitis. When applied to cement contaminated skin, Neutralite spray instantly buffers and neutralizes cement alkalis on contact. Independent laboratory testing also has confirmed that Neutralite Spray can chemically reduce Hexavalent Chrome to undetectable levels, thereby minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. "Don't Wait....Decontaminate!"

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Fill bottle with clean water to activate. Wipe off excess cement and drench spray affected area. Rub in and allow to dry. Reapply periodically on re-exposure to insure continuous protection. Best results come from consistent daily use. Neutralite does promote healing, but is not a medicine and does not form a protective barrier, it simply neutralizes and buffers and adjusts skin surface pH.

Sold by the 32 oz. spray bottle


- Prevents and relieves cement burns, irritation, allergies, and dermatitis

- Professional skin protection from alkalis in concrete, grout, mortar, plaster, stucco, and lime

- OSHA compliant

Due to Covid impact on manufacturer production, one sprayer will be provided for every two bottles purchased.
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WL-150-F-6 - Whisk® Blue Foam WhiskLotion Soap 500ml Foam Pump Bottle
WL-150-F-6 - Whisk® Blue Foam WhiskLotion Soap 500ml Foam Pump Bottle
Our Price: $36.69

WhiskLotion 150 - 500ml Foam Pump Bottle

All-Purpose Blue Foaming Lotion Soap which is biodegradable and leaves the skin clean and fresh with a mild floral fragrance. Wherever a high quality lotion cleanser is needed, this liquid synthetic based cleaner combines mild, but effective cleansing. It is fortified with lanolin to keep moisture in with emollients that replace natural oils to condition the skin. Reduces usage as much as 50% for each hand wash, and is pasteurized to kill bacteria that cause dermatitis and chapping.

Sold by the Case of 6
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Whisk WC-357-F-6
WC-357-F-6 - Whisk® Foaming E-2 Hand Sanitizer Soap 500ml Bottle
Our Price: $37.06

WhiskCare 357 FOAMING E-2 Sanitizing Hand Soap - 500ml Pump Bottle

WhiskCare 357 meets government regulations for the meat and poultry industry, restaurant personnel and other industries involved with the handling of foods. Designed to be used when frequent washing is critical, this mild yet effective hand soap offers 100% cleaning plus antibacterial properties without drying the skin.
Contains the effective germicide, PCMX.
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Whisk WL-115-08-12
WL-115-08-12 - Whisk® White WhiskLotion Soap 8oz
Our Price: $40.23

WhiskLotion 115 - White Lotion Soap 8oz Pump Bottle

A white, pearlized soap with a heavy body recommended for applications where economy is a primary concern.

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Whisk WL-115-32-4
WL-115-32-4 - Whisk® White WhiskLotion Soap 32oz
Our Price: $40.27

WhiskLotion 115 - White Lotion Soap 32oz Pump Bottle

A white, pearlized soap with a heavy body recommended for applications where economy is a primary concern.

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Whisk WL-120-32-4
WL-120-32-4 - Whisk® All Purpose WhiskLotion Soap
Our Price: $40.47

WhiskLotion 120 - All-Purpose Soap 32oz Pump Bottle

An economical all-purpose soap with a rose tinted color and fresh, fruity fragrance. A light viscosity soap for use in all dispensers and centralized systems.

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Whisk WC-377-F-6
WC-377-F-6 - Whisk® Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer
Our Price: $41.11

WhiskCare 377 - FOAMING Non-Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitizer 500ml Foam Pump Bottle

A one step instant hand sanitizer for the hands that is dispensed as a rich foam to reduce the number of microorganisms that can cause infection and illness. Formulated using benzalkonium chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against a large number of germs in stead of alcohol, it can be used without fear of creating a flammable atmosphere.

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