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P-128-SN-P - Whisk® Pump for 1 Gallon Short Neck Plastic Bottles
Our Price: $2.79

Manual pump to fit the SN (Short Neck) 1 Gallon bottles.
Sold Individually
WG-515-05-12 - Whisk® WhiskGuard 515 Solvent/Oil Resistant Barrier Cream 5oz Squeeze Tube
Our Price: $3.31

WhiskGuard 515 - Barrier Cream - Solvent/Oil Resistant

Designed to protect the skin from lubricating oils and solvents such as found in metalworking, paint, or auto shops or any where there is solvent or oil contact. Solvents act as defatting agents on the skin, causing dry skin that is subject to cracking and bleeding. This can allow bacteria to enter, often resulting in infection. WhiskGuard 515 contains aloe vera and lanolin to aid the skin in returning to its natural condition.
Sold Individually
B-500-F - Whisk® Wall Mount Bracket for Foam Pump Bottles
Our Price: $3.36

B-500-F is an angle bracket that converts our 800 ml bottles from tabletop bottles to wall mounted dispensers. The bottles are opaque in color so that the soap volume is always seen. These bottles are used for foaming lotion soaps and foaming antibacterial hand soaps only.
Sold Individually
WC-375-08-12 - Whisk® Instant Hand Sanitizer 8oz Pump Bottle
Our Price: $3.73

WhiskCare 375 - Instant Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol
A clear gel sanitizer that kills 99.9% of the most common germs that cause everyday illnesses and are responsible for lost time and lost production. This mild, yet effective, alcohol gel contains ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out so that it can be used after each hand washing and in between washings. Designed to be used in the washroom or the work area.
Complies with OSHA, CDC and APIC guidelines.
Sold by the each
WL-115-800-12 - Whisk® White WhiskLotion Soap 800ml Bag-In-Box
Our Price: $5.11

WhiskLotion 115 - White Lotion Soap
A white, pearlized soap with a heavy body recommended for applications where economy is a primary concern.
Sold Individually
WC-362-800-12 - Whisk® Antibacterial Hand Soap 800ml Bag-In-Box
Our Price: $5.41

WhiskCare 362 -

Antibacterial Skin Cleanser designed for when frequent hand washing is critical. This liquid detergent based hand cleaner combines mild, but effective cleaning with outstanding broad spectrum antibacterial properties because it contains 0.75% of the highly effective germicide PCMX.
Sold Individually
WL-105-800-12 - Whisk® Yellow WhiskLotion Soap 800ml Bag-In-Box
Our Price: $5.53

WhiskLotion 105 - Yellow Lotion Soap Our Most Popular Lotion Soap!
A heavy-duty, yet gentle, yellow lotion soap. It is formulated for both office and industrial environments where powerful cleaning and moisturizing capabilities are desired.
Sold Individually
WH-210-26.5-12 - Whisk® Yellow Waterless Hand Cleaner 26.5oz Plastic Tub
Our Price: $6.67

Whisk Hand Cleaner 210 -Waterless Hand Cleaner
Our heaviest duty, waterless hand cleaner! For use by roofers, asphalt companies, paint shops, engine rebuilding shops, transmission shops, lube shops, gas stations, printing shops, or any application requiring extra solvency. This is a true waterless hand cleaner that dissolves soil for easy removal with a cloth or paper towel. Contains emollients to keep the skin soft and supple.
Sold Individually
WH-200-26.5-12 - Whisk® White Waterless Hand Cleaner 26.5oz Plastic Tub
Our Price: $6.99

Whisk Hand Cleaner 200 - Waterless/Water Soluble Hand Cleaner
Our Most Popular Hand Cleaner!

A heavy-duty, white, paste hand cleaner that can be used with or without water. It is ideal for use in manufacturing plants, printing plants and in the field. Can be used with water in wash rooms. It can also be used at an employee’s workbench, and simply wiped off with a towel, without water.
Sold Individually
P-1000-C-F - Whisk® CleanShot Foam Bag Wall Mount Dispenser
Our Price: $9.43

Soap comes in large 1000 ml pouches that are easily inserted into the dispensers, All dispensers are covered and extend out from the wall less than 4 inches to meet fire codes limiting the distance that a dispenser can protrude from a wall. Uses a bulb type pump rather than a dispersing tube.
CleanShot Foaming Dispensing System. Accepts 1000 ml pouches. This is a dispenser for Foaming Soaps. These foaming soaps include Lotion Soaps, Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Instant Hand Sanitizers. Dispenses 0.45 ml with each push of the handle. Available in Black or White.
Sold Individually
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